Tinned Tomatoes

A domestic blade is effective

in puncturing the metal,

and a drop of red


over and out and down the

ridged side.

They had hung  

among rolls of green

that tumbled under the hottest star,

east from here:

Dotted across weak furry stems, wan blossoms

bloom, growing globes of


that become

Vermillion. Bobbing fruits

greedily suck the

loamy dirt

of its liquid,

swelling more and more

and more until

it cannot be borne,


they must come off

either by force,

or a fall.

Before the indefinite move to


airless and

sealed cylindrical confinement,

a calculated application of fierce heat ensures that



skin separates

from collapsing,

ripened flesh

and they are drowned

–  and presented

in their own juices.

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