About Me


Hello! My name is Rebecca May Johnson and I’m a writer, literary curator, editor and cook. This blog is a principally a record of recipes I have made since I started the blog in 2011.

I live in South London and I grew up in Suffolk.

Write to me here: johnson.rebeccamay@gmail.com

I am co-founder of Voices at the Table, a sell-out literary food salon with readings from literary and food worlds.

I have written and edited stories about food and fashion for: The Times Literary Supplement, LRB online, Munchies, The Telegraph, The Guardian, AnOther magazine, FT Weekend, Vogue (UK), Elle Collections, The Business of Fashion, Tank, Monocle, among others.

I have recently been commissioned to do a number of art pieces and interactive performances involving real food that I cooked for the Austrian Cultural Forum.

I cook curate and cook quiche for a roving curated poetry night called ‘Sitting Room’ hosted in .. sitting rooms.. with the brilliant Edwina Attlee and Sam Schlee. I also write poetry about food.

I have just passed my PhD about a contemporary German reworking of Homer’s Odyssey at UCL. That’s Dr Johnson to you. I now research poetry translation at Newcastle University.

Last year I married a man called Sam who got my attention on an online dating site with a line about M.F.K. Fisher.

Sam makes great pottery.

Sometimes I cater for events.

When possible I am reading these writers about food: Luce Giard, Elizabeth David, Claudia Roden, Patience Gray, Rowley Leigh, Diana Kennedy, MFK Fisher, Margaret Costas, Margot Henderson, Fuchsia Dunlop, Marcel Boulestin, Ambrose Heath, Delia Smith, Florence White, Arabella Boxer, Rose Gray & Ruth Rogers, Olia Hercules, Nigel Slater, Yotam Ottolenghi, Robert Freson, James Beard, Harold McGee, Jane Grigson, Larousse, Caroline Conran, Rachel Roddy, Hidden Kitchens, Marina O’Loughlin.

Send me food writing recommendations!

For more of my writing, visit http://www.rebeccamayjohnson.com


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