Dinner Document moves house

I began Dinner Document in 2011 at a time in my life when I was very low, but over ten years it became a document of joyful moments with friends, revelation in the kitchen and a space for playing with words. It was the first place I began writing for myself, when doing so felt terrifying and foolish.

A few weeks ago I began writing dinner document in a weekly newsletter format, on Substack, which is a new and exciting challenge that has me writing regularly in my journal to keep pace, recording my texts as audio pieces, and playing with drawing, too. If you’d like, you can subscribe here: https://dinnerdocument.substack.com/

I have a lot of affection and big feelings for what is I have published on this website and will not be taking it down. I will also be publishing a printed zine some point this year with a selection of recipes from Dinner Document 2011-2021.

Thanks all for reading,



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