Soft Courgette Pasta for One

A soft courgette need not be a waterlogged courgette, despite childhood recollections. It need not be alarmingly mild, swampy vegetal … More

Dinner Menu for Rachel Roddy

Saturday 19th May, 2018 Dinner in the garden for Rachel Roddy, Sophie Davidson, Ana Kinsella, Sam Johnson-Schlee  Menu Negroni sbagliato (Campari, … More

Dinner menu for Zoe

Zoe is one of my dearest friends and I made her this meal as a collection of what I know … More

Menu 19th March 2018

A bowl of chickpeas and pasta, recipe #1 from Rachel Roddy’s Five Quarters, with added parmesan to serve.  Sausages and … More

Tahini French Toast

A colleague recently gave me some almond confectionary called Turrón after a holiday in Spain. Scandalously, I have taken to having … More