Mushroom, Parsley and Crème Fraiche Spaghetti

This was a quick Monday night dish as we had a huge roast pork on Sunday. Typically watching Masterchef with Chris and Simon. Had some smoked bacon I could have added but thought better of it as I had big, meaty Portobello mushrooms.

This served three of us. 


2 large mushrooms – fairly finely chopped-up

½ small onion or a shallot, very finely chopped

1 garlic clove, finely chopped

handful of spinach

handful parsley, finely chopped 

large tablespoon crème fraiche

knob of butter

glug of olive oil

2 glugs of white wine

350g spaghetti

How I made it:

Heat butter and olive oil in a lidded pan until butter is melted, add garlic and onion. Cook on a gentle heat until soft, taking care not to burn the garlic and onions. 

Add mushrooms, put lid on and cook until soft and reduced but not too much. Put on pasta to cook in fiercely boiling, salted water. Add wine, cook until the alcohol has cooked off. Stir in spinach and wait till wilted, stir in crème fraiche, stir in parsley. Remove pasta when al dente. Season sauce. Mix in cooked pasta with sauce.

Eaten with:

Grated parmesan. 


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