Chinese Leaf with Spring Onion and Soy

And here is the very basic way I cooked the chinese leaf that went with the other salads below the Onion Soup. This works equally well with most cabbage, and pak choi.

This served 3 generously


1 head chinese leaf, cleaned and cut up into a size you’d like to eat

3 spring onions, cut into 1 inch bits

1 green chilli, chopped up

good glug of light soy sauce (deeper and more savoury in flavour than dark soy sauce)

How I made it:

Heat up 1 tablespoon sunflower (or other flavourless oil) in a large frying pan or wok on a medium heat. Throw in spring onions and chilli, fry for a minute or so. Add chinese leaf, toss in oil, allow a few bits of leaf to catch slightly to give a smokey flavour, but not burn. Add a small cup of water and a decent glug of soy sauce, then cover pan for a few minutes to steam the leaf. 

Eaten with:

The other salads below, chicken and rice. But I just like it with plain rice too. 


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