Celeriac and Apple Coleslaw

My lovely friend Zoe just sent me this recipe that I emailed her a year and a half ago, and that she made last night to go with harissa-rubbed chicken and lemony kale. Zoe didn’t have any yogurt, so substituted it for buttermilk, which apparently worked really well. In my email, I wrote that I ate it with chicken and chips.


grate as much celeriac as you want to eat

(could also add/use carrot, finely-sliced fennel, white cabbage, etc.)

1 finely cut up/grated crisp, tart apple

toasted pumpkin seeds


1 heaped teaspoon, Dijon mustard

1 dessertspoon, natural yogurt

a squeeze of lemon juice

1 dessertspoon, white wine vinegar

1 teaspoon, fennel seeds and ½ clove garlic, pounded together with salt

3-4 dessertspoons, sunflower seed /groundnut oil

salt and pepper

How I made it:

Mix up dressing ingredients and check the seasoning. Mix with celeriac and apple. Top with toasted seeds.

Eaten with:

Chicken and chips, or make with buttermilk as Zoe did, and eat with Harissa chicken and kale!


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