Rhubarb and Strawberry with Star Anise


A few months ago, after a morning traipsing to a postal delivery office that was further away that it should have been, I used my London’s Best Coffee App to find somewhere to sit and do some work. Fred and Fran was the café that it came up with – and it was truly wonderful. Anyway, the reason that I am mentioning them here, is because of the extraordinary range of jams that they serve to accompany their toast. One of these was strawberry and star anise (if my memory serves me – it might have had another ingredient)  and others including pineapple marmalade… 

I had the star anise and strawberry jam in mind when I cooked this fruit after my housemate Jack gave me some rhubarb from his sister’s garden. I ate it with natural yogurt and almonds for breakfast, which was very good.


a few rhubarb stalks, cut into 2 inch lengths

a handful of strawberries

2 level tablespoons, caster sugar

1 star anise

½ cup, water

How to make:

Place all of the ingredients in a pan and simmer until the rhubarb has broken down, as in the picture – this will only take around 15 minutes.

Check for sweetness – add more sugar if needed.

Eaten with: 

Natural yogurt and almonds.


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