Kohlrabi, Fresh Hazelnut and Greek Yogurt with Salt.


Fresh hazelnuts – image source http://www.joclarkcookingetc.com/

This recipe was an accidental discovery that went through two stages and is now one of my favourite things to eat.

First of all, when I had my friend Zoe round for supper, I asked her to peel and cut up a kohlrabi into apple-like chunks to have with a dip. She went onto autopilot however and cubed it instead, which turned out to be a great advantage. I mixed the kohlrabi chunks with thick Greek yogurt and a good pinch of salt. I thought about adding in lemon juice but didn’t. We ate it with spelt crackers as a snack. It was really good.

Then, on a visit to the excellent Turkish supermarket on Camberwell New Road I bought a bag of fresh hazelnuts (AKA cobnuts) thinking they would go well with kohlrabi. 

I made the salad again, with fresh hazelnuts mixed in – and it was even better.

Serves 2 as a snack


½ kohlrabi, peeled and cubed into 1cm chunks

around 10 fresh hazelnuts, removed from their shells and halved

3 tablespoons of thick Greek yogurt

a good pinch of salt

How to make:

Mix it all up together and taste for seasoning.

To eat with

Crispbread of some form – crackers, Ryvita or turkish sesame bread 


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