Sam’s Savoury Porridge with Egg, Spring Onion and Parmesan

Sam made me savoury porridge for breakfast yesterday. I must admit to having been a little trepidatious before eating, but it was really delicious and I was an immediate convert. It’s made with water not milk, so it’s not over sweet.

Sam texted me the recipe:

“Make porridge with water, I usually go for two or three times as much water as oats. Put in some salt and a knob of butter – I like to imagine how much butter we would eat on toast between us and put about that much in. Chop up three or four spring onions and put the white ends in the pan to cook with the porridge. Poach your egg, put the spring onion greens in the porridge for about a minute, check the porridge for seasoning, add pepper if you like. At this point you could put a smidge more butter on top if you are greedy. Put the porridge in bowls and put the egg on top grate a little parmesan over it.  I am going to experiment with other variations on this. Browned onions would be good, a little bacon maybe, some herbs, even some crumbled up sausage.”


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