Breakfast variations: baked chard, tomatoes, cream and eggs

serves 2

Turn the oven onto medium hot. You could also use spinach. Wash and then blanch a good handful of chard in salted water, then drain, squeeze out excessive water, and chop up roughly. Place in a smallish oven dish, enough to fit 4 eggs. Cut up a ripe tomato or two and add to the chard. Pour in of single cream so that it’s about a 2cm deep. Add a few leaves of basil or another fresh herb like parsley. Season with salt and pepper. Break in 4 eggs, add a few pieces of butter and cover with a fine grating of parmesan. Place in the oven until the eggs are just set. Spoon out portions onto a plate – 2 eggs each (or 1 if you prefer). 

Eat with bread and coffee.


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