Menu for Stevie, Ana, Sophie and Sam

I made this menu to celebrate the tomatoes I grew this summer and the visit from these women. I felt a little sad because summer is ending and because it’s among the last dinners I will serve in this garden.

Some things we discussed: Ana’s dad doorstepping for Yes during the repeal the 8th referendum in Ireland and several other good men; writers we like; the difficulties with getting people to pay you as a freelancer; sadness in London; an excellent woman of an older generation who supports other women; new loves who are better than expected; some very bad men who are not allies and who should be put in the bin; the font size of Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook; the perfume of the cheese; making friends on the internet; what we want to write.


Salted almonds, fried corn, and Perelló olives

Cremant de Loire


Pantano tomatoes stuffed with veal, fresh herbs and chicken liver (à la Sardine)

Sauce made from cooking juices, white wine, cream and more tarragon


 Green salad


Colston Bassett blue

French goat’s cheese I forget the name of (!) that had a striking perfume


Delicious wine supplied by the guests

stevie and anasam and sophiesalad greengages and cheeseafter dinner


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