Butter Bean, Tomato, Caper Spaghetti

This was a very speedy, late supper for me and a friend last week. All I knew was that there was a tin of butter beans in the cupboard, and a few bits left over from packed lunch salads.

This fed two people


1 tin butter beans, drained

2 cloves garlic, sliced

handful of cherry tomatoes, halved

handful of spinach

a sprinkle of capers

½ lemon

2 glugs olive oil


grated parmesan for topping

How I made it:

Put the sliced garlic in the cold olive oil in a frying pan. Turn the heat on low, and when it becomes aromatic, add the butter beans.

Allow them to fry for about 10 minutes in the oil.

–at this point put the spaghetti in to cook in furiously boiling, salted water –

Add tomatoes and stir in, cook for a minute on low.

Add spinach and stir in, until just wilted.

Add capers, the juice of the lemon and season with salt and pepper.

Drain the spaghetti and mix everything together, adding more olive oil, lemon juice and seasoning, if desired. 

Eaten with:

Grated parmesan on top, and a glass of red wine.


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