Artichoke Heart, Rocket, Hazelnut Spaghetti

This was a super quick late supper and involved almost no cooking apart from the pasta. I ate it with Piman, and we thought it was rather good.

This served two


200g spaghetti

juice ½ lemon

handful of halved, toasted hazelnuts (toast in a dry pan until fragrant, rub in tea-towel until skin comes off)

heap of rocket,  chopped

small bunch of chives, chopped up

about 6 roasted artichoke hearts in oil (from a jar), quartered

olive oil

How I made it:

Boil very salty water for pasta (ideal ratio is 100g pasta/1litre water/ 10g salt), and add pasta when boiling furiously. Toast hazelnuts as above. Wash and chop rocket and chives and artichoke. When pasta is cooked, drain and toss with all ingredients, squeeze in lemon and drizzle a good glug of olive oil. Season well with salt and a touch of black pepper.

Eaten with:

A salad of finely sliced, peeled cucumber dressed with vinegar, a little sugar salt and rapeseed oil. A glass of white wine. 


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