Potato, Artichoke and Egg Salad

More assembling than much cooking, this was a mid-week supper last week when I was watching Masterchef with a friend. 

This served two


Enough potatoes for 2, peeled and cut into chunks

1 red endive sliced lengthways

3 spring onions, washed and sliced lengthways

1 tablespoon capers

2 eggs cooked for 8 mins, just below boiling, peeled and cut into 4

1 handful parsley, chopped up

about 5-6 artichoke hearts from a jar in oil


1 garlic clove, pounded up with salt and 3 anchovies 

juice ½ lemon

1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons extra virgin rapeseed oil

black pepper

How I made it:

Bring salted water to the boil for potatoes, boil them for several minutes then drain and return them to pan with lid on, and put into an oven pre-heated to about 150 celsius for 25 minutes (their own steam cooks them). Check if they’re cooked by sticking a knife in, which should go in easily. Heat up a griddle pan and cook sliced endive and spring onions tossed in olive oil and salt until smokey and soft, then set aside. Make dressing by whisking up all the ingredients together – taste for acidity and seasoning. When the potatoes are ready, toss all the ingredients together with the dressing and serve. 

Eaten with:

Ideally white wine, but we had beer. 


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