Deep Fried Spiced Fennel with Lime and Garlic Mayo

This was one of three vegetable dishes I made on Sunday night. It occurred to me that the meal needed some texture and a bit of richness, and this seemed like it might work.  It was satisfyingly rich and savoury.

This was for two


1 fennel, sliced up

3-4 tablespoons of plain flour, that is well-salted

1 tablespoon madras powder (other curry powder would be fine)

several cups of sunflower oil

Lime and Garlic Mayonnaise:

3 tablespoons Hellman’s Mayo

1 tablespoon Greek Yogurt

juice ½ lime

1 clove garlic, bruised with skin on

pinch of salt

How I made it:

Mix mayonnaise ingredients together (you can remove garlic clove later).  Toss fennel in a bit of sunflower oil, so the flour sticks then put it into the spiced, seasoned flour and coat. Heat up oil in a wok. Test if it’s hot enough by dropping in a bit of the fennel, if it is then it will sizzle immediately. Depending on how big your wok is, cook the fennel in batches, remove when the flour coating is lightly browned. Place on kitchen tissue when removed. When all is done, serve with mayo with the garlic removed. 


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