Poached Egg with leftover Goat’s Cheese Sauce with Tarragon on Toast

I had a couple of tablespoons of the cheese sauce from the lettuce dish below leftover and decided to use it for my breakfast. I added some fresh tarragon to it and gently heated it with a dash of milk to loosen up the texture. It was delicious with poached egg on toast with fresh rocket on the side – sort of a cheesy eggs Hollandaise, with great acidity given by the hard goat’s cheese. The rocket helps to freshen it up and temper the richness, though it is still pretty filling, and I could only manage one egg.


1 egg

goat’s cheese sauce – see below

pinch of fresh, chopped tarragon

handful of washed rocket


How I made it:

Heat cheese sauce with a dash of milk and chopped tarragon until warm. Break egg gently into a small saucepan of water that is just below boiling point. If the egg disintegrates all over the pan because it’s not fresh, use a large spoon to draw it together in the water. Turn heat off and leave egg for a few minutes until cooked. Make toast and butter. Place egg on buttered toast, spoon sauce on. Season with pepper and salt. Place rocket on the side and season.

Eaten with:

Tea and TV.


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