Grated Beetroot Salad with Toasted Coriander Seeds, Mint and Garlic Yogurt


My friend Polly Playford, who has known me since birth and who is now a successful graphic designer, told me on the phone the other day that she’d been eating a lot of grated beetroot with fresh mint. That conversation prompted this salad, which I shared with my housemate Jack’s lentil curry and rice. I really liked the bursts of citrus and the texture lent by the whole toasted coriander seeds.


3-4 small beetroots, washed and grated

1 teaspoons of toasted coriander seeds

small bunch of fresh mint, chopped

yogurt, that has been seasoned with salt and with ½ clove finely chopped garlic


2 tablespoons, sunflower oil

½ tablespoon, vinegar (e.g. wine or cider)

salt, pepper and pinch of sugar

How to make:

Mix up the beetroot with the coriander seeds, mint and dressing. Taste for seasoning and if necessary add more salt, or vinegar. Garnish with the yogurt. 

Eaten with:

Daal and rice.


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