Sweet-Sour Pepper and Aubergine

This is a simple and not overly sharp rendering of caponata that I made last night for Zoe and Sam. The slightly charred aubergine lends a smoky quality. Other dishes were rosemary and garlic lamb with runner beans, tomato and ricotta, and chicory salad, and Zoe (an old hand) and Sam (who I hadn’t cooked for before) seemed to take pleasure in eating them.

If I make it again I will remember to take a picture.


1 aubergine, sliced into ½ cm rounds

2 red peppers

1 green pepper

1 tablespoon of capers

juice ¼ lemon

1 tablespoon, wine vinegar

olive oil

How to make:

Heat the oven to high. Rub the peppers whole in a small amount of oil and put in the oven. Cook until soft and the skin is fractured, then remove, set aside and peel when a bit cooler. Cut into chunks and remove the seeds. Place in a bowl.

– while they are cooking –

Toss the aubergine rounds in salt and olive oil, then fry over a high heat until slightly charred on each side and soft in the middle.

Halve the aubergine slices and mix with the peppers, capers, lemon juice and vinegar and seasoning of salt and pepper.

Eaten with:

Bread, two delicious wines brought by Sam and Zoe.


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