Best Brioche Roll Recipe by The Cake Shop, Suffolk


The finished rolls made to Dave’s recipe

It is useful to have a professional baker on speed dial sometimes, such as the day before New Year’s eve when we needed a recipe for brioche baps to eat with the rich, ancho spiced San Antonio Chilli we were serving as a main course with sour cream and pickles.

David Wright, the 31 year old third generation head baker at The Cake Shop in Woodbridge (among other things – check their twitter for more) texted me this recipe for brioche rolls. Sam used it to make them, and it worked perfectly, with no hiccup.

Recipe for 16-20 rolls, as texted:

Today you need to mix 220g plain flour with 6g fresh yeast and 220g water. If you have dried yeast it will be 3g. Put that in the fridge with cling film over top of bowl (it will double in size)

Tomorrow add 500g strong flour, 12g salt, 60g sugar, 10g yeast, 250g egg. Make that into a dough and knead for 5 minutes before adding in soft cubes of butter until you have a smooth silky dough (200g butter). Leave for 2 hours covered up.

Divide into balls about 50g. Put on baking tray (lined with siliconised paper) and prove for approx 40-50 mins.

Glaze with egg yolk, salt and cream solution. Bake at 180/190 C until rich golden brown and there is nice colour on the bottom.


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