Hot and Sour Soup

I got home late on Monday and was feeling tired. On Sunday evening I made a colossal amount of pumpkin/ricotta/nutmeg cannelloni with a light bechamel topped with parmesan and fresh walnuts. It was served with steamed chard. 

So we needed something to make us more perky for the forthcoming week. So I made something resembling a hot and sour soup.


2 litres water

1 inch tamarind root and 2 inches galangal (or ginger) pounded together with a pestle and mortar

2 heads of pak choi washed and leaves separated

a handful of brown mushrooms sliced

4 spring onions, chopped

2 red chillis chopped with seeds

2 cloves garlic, sliced

fish sauce a good glug

2 limes

1 stalk lemongrass bashed and cut in half lengthways

a handful cherry tomatoes, cut in half

handful fresh prawns

To serve:


How I made it:

I put the water in a cast iron pot and turned the heat on medium. When it was warm, I added everything apart from the pak choi, prawns and lime, and cooked on a low heat for twenty minutes. Then I added prawns and pak choi and cooked for further two minutes. Squeeze 1 ½ limes into the soup, stir. 

Eaten with:

Steamed short-grain rice. Add fresh beansprouts on top when the soup is in bowls. I added extra fish sauce to season.


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