Potato, Chorizo and Eggs in a Pan

This was first made at home with left over roasted potatoes and squash, then I made it again with par-boiled ones. The longer you let the potatoes/onions etc cook on a low heat in a heavy-bottomed frying pan the sweeter and tastier it all becomes.


¾ onions depending on size

2 garlic cloves

5 inches of chorizo sausage, cut into chunks and rind removed

1 chillis/chilli flakes

2 teaspoons smoked sweet paprika powder

1 green pepper

potatoes –  3/4 large ones (optional + 1 sweet potato/squash for sweetness)

handful of parsley

handful black olives

as many eggs as you want – one/two per person

lots of olive oil

How I made it:

Peel, cut up and par-boil potatoes / squash.
Cut onions in half then slice (I used three small ones for three people) put them in large, heavy-bottomed frying pan with lots of olive oil and cook on a medium heat, add a couple of whole garlic cloves a sprinkle of chilli flakes after about 5 mins add chorizo then after another couple add the sliced green pepper.
Then add potatoes and coat in mixture, add more olive oil if needed.
Cook for about ½ – 45 mins, scraping off the bottom of the pan and stirring every 5 mins, stir in black olives at the end. Add lots of salt. Taste for seasoning/chilli.
Crack eggs gently on top and put the whole pan under the grill till they’re cooked
Sprinkle parsley on top

Eaten with:

We had it with a crisp, acidly-dressed salad


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