Chicken Thighs Stuffed With Thai Pork

I really wanted to do a whole chicken for this, but nowhere in North London on Sunday evening could I find a whole chicken, so had to settle for thighs, which I de-boned (and then used bones for chicken stock). First I made a paste that I then mixed it with the pork mince. This was then stuffed into the cavities in the chicken thighs left by the removed bones, rolled up and roasted. 


6 chicken thighs


1 stick lemongrass cut into chunks

1 red chilli

2 garlic cloves

2 spring onions

juice ½ lime

stalks from bunch of coriander

good glug of fish sauce 

200g pork mince

How I made it:

Pre-heat oven to 180 celsius. Blend up all stuffing ingredients apart from pork mince using a blender. Then when in a paste, mix in with the pork. Take small ball of stuffing and place in middle of de-boned thigh. Roll up the thigh so that the stuffing is covered, then place the thigh with the joining bit on the bottom into a roasting pan, so it does not burst open when cooking. Repeat with all thighs. Brush skin with sunflower oil and season with salt. Cook for roughly 25 minutes in the oven. Skin should be golden brown. 

Eaten with:

Carrot and ginger salad, lettuce with sesame sauce, steamed rice. 

N.B. I had some leftover pork stuffing, which I fried in small patties and used in a sandwich with lime mayonnaise, thai chilli sauce, fresh coriander, mint, cucumber and lettuce.


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