Leek, Potato, Dill and Yogurt Soup

This was a simple, quick soup when I got home late. 


4 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into cubes

3 shallots finely chopped

3 leeks finely sliced

bunch of dill roughly chopped with stalks removed

4 tablespoons Greek yogurt

2 litres of chicken stock (or vegetable stock)

squeeze of lemon, to serve

knob of butter

How I made it:

Briefly sautée shallots in a knob of butter in large cast iron pan. Add potato chunks and stir, then add leeks. Pour in chicken stock. Cook for 30 minutes on a low/medium heat so just bubbling. Stir in most of the dill. Season well with salt (this is important). Turn off heat. Stir in the yogurt. Check for salt again (add more if needed). Serve into bowls and garnish with a teaspoon of yogurt, a bit of dill and a squeeze of lemon. 

Eaten with:

Warm bread and butter. 


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